Polaroid WebOS

👉🏼 Step 1

Turn on your TV and ensure it's connected to the Internet.

👉🏼 Step 2

Navigate to the 'LG Content' section.


👉🏼 Step 3

Search for 'IPTV Smarters' using the on-screen keyboard or remote control.


👉🏼 Step 4

Select the 'IPTV Smarters' app from the search results.

👉🏼 Step 5

Click 'Download' or 'Install' to start downloading and installing the app on your Smart TV. Polaroid WebOS.


👉🏼 Step 6

Open the IPTV Smarters app from the 'Apps' menu.

👉🏼 Step 7

On the IPTV Smarters home screen, fill in the following fields:


👉🏼 Step 8

In the 'Name' or 'Alias' field, enter: Zapeo TV


👉🏼 Step 9

In the 'Username' field, enter your username provided by the provider.


👉🏼 Step 10

In the 'Password' field, enter the password provided by the provider.


👉🏼 Step 11

In the 'Server URL' or 'Portal URL' field, enter the server URL provided by your provider.


👉🏼 Step 12

Select 'Login' or 'Add User' (this may vary depending on the app version).


👉🏼 Step 13

If the data is correct and the connection to the server is successful, will log in to your account.


Compatible Devices

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